Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Barcelona & Paris 2016

I have a midterm in about 12 hours, and here I am, happily procrastinating with blogging. I have re-vamped by blog! Hopefully now I will be more enthusiastic about blogging. I have so many pictures on my camera and my phone that has been just sitting on my iCloud, sadly neglected.

I went to visit Barcelona and Paris with my family two weeks ago. It was a short yet blissful 6 days of my life. The weather was fantastic and the climate warm. And then I came back to NYC and the temperature hit the new low - 6˚F during the day! -28˚C windchill! And my apartment heater was broken, so it was not a very welcoming surprise. But anyway, back to Europe.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Apple Picking in Warwick, NY

I haven't been apple picking since I was in Canada, which was around nine years ago. I love apple picking. It encapsulates everything I love about fall - the crisp weather, beautiful foliage, vibrant colors, apple cider, sugary donuts. So I decided to have a little pre-birthday celebration with some of my closest friends in upstate New York.

We drove an hour and half up from New Jersey, where my friend picked all of us up. It was a tumultuous ride (because six people squeezed into one car), but it was all worth it! The weather was gloomy but the colorful leaves made up for the otherwise despondent scenery. And the apple cider donuts - yum. Perfection in a sugary, fried dough.